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About Me

Enchanté! I am Elizabeth. And I am fascinated by space. We move through it, live in it, and create it as it creates us.

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I am an incoming graduate student at New York University's Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, where I am pursuing a Master's of Urban Planning (MUP) in International Development. I graduated from NYU's College of Art and Science in the summer of 2020 with a Bachelor of Art in Urban Design and Architecture Studies and a minor in Business Studies.

Some of my favorite moments are spent studying how sound travels through space, how space moves people through and around itself, how space transitions from public to private or served to servant. I am especially attached to the conversations about what space reveals about the society that shapes it. Each society is a complex and contradictory intertwining of the beautiful and the grotesque, the inclusive and the exclusive. My most poignant reminders of our society are the juxtaposition of opulence with poverty in New York City, healthy rural living with slum settlements in Uganda and Nigeria, and rich biodiversity in Uganda’s national parks with empty, concrete-paved plazas in American cities. 

I want to understand how the built environment affects the health, dignity, and wellbeing of human beings. Are there alternatives to our current realities that are more holistic, contextually appropriate, equitable frameworks for engaging in design?

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