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Event and Action:

Living as Form

Event and Action: Living As Form creates a new program for an existing space.


2 Kenmare Street,

New York, NY 10012

Bass wood frame for urban design model

Event and Action: Living As Form creates a new program for an existing space. The existing space was initially defined by colorful graffiti, an ATM, and two exterior elements of a building's HVAC system. While the HVAC system is still in place, the ATM has since been removed. The graffiti was replaced by a mural of the face-less, top-half of an astronaut exploring the unknown that morphs into graffiti, crawling toward the building's corner. Event and Action redefines this open space through collages that depict my imaginary projections of the area. The "misused" collage inverts the function and position of human limbs so that hands interact with the ground plane, while knees align with pedestrians' eye level. The "inhabitable" shrinks this space onto the wall in front of a wooden work desk and chair, presenting it as art—as an ornament complemented by flowers and an aggrandized candle.


Following the collages are two axonometric vignettes that created a three-dimensional space through extrusion along the z-axis. The nature of the resulting three-dimensional spaces shifts with scale and orientation, allowing each vignette to be both falling from above and rising from below, both private living quarters and public urban landscape. The flexibility of use and the multiplicity of experiences echo the ever-evolving nature of cities in general, and New York City in particular.


This study culminates in a physical model that fuses all these ideas, motifs, and planes into a fluid environment whose program changes with its orientation.

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